So charges were brought after last month’s pre-arranged dance between Green Street and the ICF.

Sadly it wasn’t left on the street and some displayed their idiocracy inside the ground:

Look at that bloater

We should try to find out the name of this bloater so we can name and shame him. I’m sure he’s been banned for life but the world need to know he is so that we can point and laugh.

A spokesman for Millwall was shocked, SHOCKED ! that charges brought against them.
They are blaming the fact that their ticket allocation was small thus many ticketless fans turned up. But don’t you get it mister Millwall spokesman – these so called “fans” were not interested in going into the match, all they wanted to do was show the rest of us how stupid they all are.

Some of it did spill inside but none of the Millwall supporters actually stepped onto the pitch. They did however do their share of damage by ripping up some seats and wrecking the bogs.

Both clubs are moaning about the charges but until there is a way of identifying every individual involved (I.D card ? Pah ! As I said the fighting was outside the ground and they not interested in watching the match) and then banning them, it will mean that every fan will have to suffer.

Talking of which I spotted this via the Beeb, originally reported on the scummy Sun about one bloke who will suffer :

Burnley fan Jason Taylor is being forced to travel 50 miles to watch his team play Blackburn next month, despite living round the corner from Rovers’ Ewood Park ground. Clarets fans have been told that they must report to Turf Moor four hours before kick-off and travel the 13 miles to Blackburn by coach. After the game, the transport then returns them to Turf Moor. The move comes in the wake of recent crowd trouble at the derby game between West Ham and Millwall at Upton Park.

Stupidity I know, but until people learn (they never will) this sort of thing is going to keep happening.

I’ll get off me soapbox now.

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