“Two club sides, both alike in the prem,
In fair Tameside, where we lay our scene,
From ancient trudge break to new Moston,
Where curry food makes curry bums unclean.
For forth the fate lies for one of these foes
Repairs of Quay-St cross’d roads take their pipes;
Hale misadventured pitted Oldfield Road
Do with their Hulme, Bury their parents’ Abbey Hey.
The fearful passage down the M62 path-mark’d road,
And the continuance of their Glazers aimed rage,
Which, but their Old Trafford, bought but couldn’t remove,
Is now the two hours’ traffic on Ashton New Road;
The match if you with patiently attend,
O’pened goal shall miss, their boys shall strive at Stretford End.”

The Alaska record » Harmony Blend – Blue City (Paloma Blanca)
Scoles and Giggs » The Dollies – Rah Rah Rah for Manchester United

The Man City song was original found and posted by Left and to the Back whose self torture seems to be in finding old records which were (for the most part) rightfully ignored.

This one… is there a scale of obscureness…? Because this one is something like 9/100th obscure.

Left and to the Back writes…

“The title “Blue City” should have been a screaming giveaway of course, but I’m thick like that. In a way, I’m glad I did take this one home – the single appears to be a Euro-disco soccer-based take on “Una Paloma Blanca”, complete with Linn drum “peooing!” noises, used here to an effect not heard since Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell”. Clearly the market for disco-loving Manchester City fans was no stronger in 1978 than it is today, as the single flopped.”

He goes on to write about John Schroeder (who’s been previously featured on here) and his link to Creation Records and the brothers Gallagher who… etc.

The Man Utd song I have zero information about. It sounds like something recorded in the 60’s and it helps the poor illiterate ManYoo fans by spelling out the name of the club for them.
– Bonus bit at the end: Audio from an old episode of Coronation Street with Stan and Hilda Ogden.

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