Song For Euro 2008 – Turkey

Today it is the turn of…


Like yesterday because I don’t speak the language I don’t have much info about each one.
I can say that all of the songs are very listenable though.

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Gülben Ergen is a popular singer and sometimes actress. This is a very traditional influenced sound:

Gulben Ergen

» Gülben Ergen (feat. Ege Cubukcu) – Avrupa [SONG OFFLINE]


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Sercan is a Turkish singer living in Dortmund. In this one he has the elements of a perfect football/music song with a crowd, some commentary from a match and a chant thrown in there. I like the driving, danceable beat on this one, very catchy:


» Sercan feat Levoe Mevcut – Turkiyem (Milli Mars Euro 2008)


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Muhabbet is another German based (Berlin this time) Turkish singer. He one is again like Sercan's above, very catchy. It also has the crowd and the commentary. I like this one too:


» Muhabbet - Oh Milli Takim Ole Ole 2008

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  1. Tugce says:

    milli tak?m?m?z euro 2008’de buyuk basar? gosterd? tebrikler !


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