Song For Euro 2008 – The Hosts

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From here on in I’ll be searching for and posting the finding of any songs either by or related to the tournament participants.

Today I naturally begin with the co-hosts: Austria and Switzerland.

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So for the Austrian national team I found…

Nothing. Nada. Nowt. Not an Austrian sausage.

With their fans being fearful of getting a mauling a petition was started with 10,000 people signing it, so I’m not surprised to find that nobody wants to sing about the team.

I might be wrong though. My German isn’t what it used to be and Google Translate is only a small help.

If you know of any Austrian artists or groups that dared to sing then givvus a shout.

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For the Swiss there isn’t much, but at least there’s something.

The first thing I found was something from a Swiss rap group called Wurzel 5 who… No not the Wuuurzels… the English translation of their name is Root 5 who recorded a (short) rap song for Euro 2008… BUT… not for the team – they did it for Bern, their home town and one of the venues for the tournament:

» Wurzel 5 – Lueg Dim Bitz

Then after that I found this article via the Kronus Mortis website:

Hot News – Gotthard – Mousse T. and the Swiss National Soccer Team are showing team spirit + Single online!

“Audience and jury have decided: GOTTHARD´s song “Lift U Up” – which is about motivating each other in a team and reaching aims together – is the official song of Switzerland´s National Soccer Team for the upcoming European Championship. In a survey, run by Switzerland ´s biggest newspaper “Blick”, readers and national team chose the song as the winning title.

Next to that, no other than German star producer Mousse T. has been responsible for the remix….

… Concerning Mousse T.´s latest remix for “Lift U Up”, the players of the Swiss National Soccer Team prove that they are not only self-confident when it comes to kicking, but also when it comes to singing: the guys have personally sang the chorus of the track!

Surely quite an unusual job for David Degen from FC Basel, Hakan Yakin and Marco Streller, who have both already played for VfB Stuttgart, Benjamin Huggel (formerly: Eintracht Frankfurt!), the keeper and audience ´s star Pascal Zuberbühler (formerly: Bayer Leverkusen) and all the other national players. ”

» Full article

Gotthard with a couple of the Swiss team recording the new version

Above is the band Gotthard with a couple of players from the Swiss team recording the new version

Gotthard are a rock group who are big in Switzerland and Germany. They sing in English and when I heard some of their stuff I could hear a hint of Bon Jovi in there.. maybe a bit of Slade…

This is the original version of the song, released a couple of years ago:

» Gotthard – Lift U Up

Purchase/download the remixed version.
Official website

Again if you know of any other stuff related to the Swiss team… email

2 Replies to “Song For Euro 2008 – The Hosts”

  1. Ramon says:

    Yo creo que la cancion oficial de Austria para la EUROcup 2008 se llamo “Fieber” y la cantaba la austriac Christina Sturmer, yo la encontre en You Tube

  2. Webbie @ Football and Music says:

    “…oficial de Austria para la EUROcup 2008 se llamo “Fieber” y la cantaba la austriac Christina Sturmer…

    I posted that song Ramon, you can find it here.

    Thanks for visiting and emailing me anyway.


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