Song For Euro 2008 – Romania

You know Romania could nick it here…Remember the dyed hair ?

They were (in everybody’s eyes) doomed from the beginning when they were drawn into the group of death with Italy, France and Holland.

But with their performance (or France’s lack of) in the first match there is now an decent chance of them making it through to the knockout stages.

Italy are notoriously slow starters and even though they were stunned by the Netherlands I reckon they’ll still somehow manage to scrape it.

France on the other hand picked the curse that is Le Sulk and yet again when he plays, the team doesn’t. Anelka doesn’t play well with others you see. When he’s a partner up front with someone they don’t gel, they never get along. He’s a lazy striker, a goal hanger and poacher who doesn’t go looking for the ball. He’ll wait until it comes to him.

If he starts the next game then I can’t see France progressing.

Somehow this turned into a mini rant about Anelka when it should’ve been about the Romanian team and their chances. Back to the subject team then:

They don’t have any familiar (to us anyway) names in their ranks right now, but neither did Greece four years ago.

I don’t think they will or can go all the way, but there’s always one team in the competition that nobody expects to go anywhere and Romania may be that team.

. . .

Some music about them and a song known only as a Romanian anthem for Euro 2008. No other info found about this.


» Romanian Anthem for Euro 2008 [SONG OFFLINE]

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