Song For Euro 2008 – Poland

PolskaCarrying on with the songs released by each country in relation to their Euro 2008 appearance…

I want to post items from every team playing but there are limits with time and with some of them not bothering to knock out a tune (case in point the other day with the co-host Austria.)

Today’s team is Poland, who will also be co-hosting at the next Euro Finals in 2012 – they’ll be staging it together with the Ukraine.

Thomas Dunmore of If This Is Football discusses why Poland and Ukraine got these finals. Which I’ve also read that Scotland may have to step in because apparently Platini went over to Poland and wasn’t happy with the stadiums and infrastructures so it might have to be moved.

Anyhoddles, that’s for other sites to discuss. We are here for the music…

. . .

The first one I found is a Polish rap song.

Well the Swiss had one, why not Poland ?

Unfortunately I don’t know anything else about this one apart from it’s about Poland and their Euro 2008 appearance. I found it via this video on Metacafe.

» Unknown Artist – Polish Rap Song [SONG OFFLINE]

. . .

Here is another one I don’t really know much about. It needed some Google translating to gather some info from the video.

The beginning of the translation says:

“Nagralismy this for us and for Bialoczerwonych – czulismy showed after what we zaserwowala tepsa with pzpnem … We believe that ye sing with us!

contractor: bia?oczerwoni feat [Chris] & Liber

/ / Music: krzysztof ‘Vicky’ novikov & krzysztof ‘chris’ antkowiak
/ / Words: ?ukasz ‘lucasik’ krzywa?nia & marcin ‘open’ piotrowski

Welcome to – legal MP3 download! “

» The full text translated.

Bialocerwoni – hymn kibicow polskich na Euro 2008 [SONG OFFLINE]

. . .

Next up is Maryla Rodowicz, a popular Polish singer who’s doing the official song for Poland for Euro 2008.

Again I’ve done a Google Translation of the text added to the video on YouTube and it says…

“It is a well-known song “Football” Maryla Rodowicz, which was formed on the occasion of the world championships in 1974. Work is, however, przearan?owany. — On mundialu in 1974, Poles took third, so this song bodes well – said the PZPN president Michal Listkiewicz.

The author of the current, the new arrangement is Andrzej Smolik, and the star performers of Polish music scene: Kayah, Katarzyna Kurzawska, Sebastian Karpiel-Bu?ecka and Piotr Cugowski.”

Maryla Rodowicz » Maryla Rodowicz – Futbol [SONG OFFLINE]

. . .

And finally…

On a related subject: I posted something the other day in which I asked which team will you adopt for Euro 2008. Rupert Slade chose Poland since he worked there for a few years – and he wrote a song to show his support.

Now he and his mates have created a short video to accompany the song:

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