Song For Euro 2008 – Holland pt 1

Hup Holland Hup

I’ve got a tulip barrel load of songs done about the Netherlands. It seems that everybody and his dog had a go at singing something for the Oranje.

I’m going to post some randomly selected tunes from what I’ve collected and split this into two, maybe three parts because there are so many.

The Dutch supporters out on tour..

The Google translation of this one sez:
“Hatsjikideee with “Behind Orange Are” band from Apeldoorn with pretty new Oranjelied!”
Bit of a reggae tinge to it. Not too bad.

» Hatsjikideee – Behind The Orange

Video here

. . .

The translation of this one said:
“EK2008 Cowbell Unlimited which hit the famous “Go Holland Go ‘new Swiss reinvigoration by a Après-Ski turn to give. It is thus transformed into “Höb Holland Höb (après-ski)”
The band have a bit of an “umpah, umpah” thing going with a female lead singer.

» Cowbells Unlimited – Go Holland Go

Video here

. . .

Don’t know anything about this I’m afraid. It has a very traditional Dutch sound.

» Crazy2 – Trots op Oranje

. . .

Lastly for now here’s one where in the video a bunch of orange suit wearing middle aged blokes get together a have a bit of a conga through Amsterdam.

» De Dikdakkers – Schreeuw

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