Song For Euro 2008 – Germany

German fanSo the question is can Portugal win 6 in a row to win this thing, or will Germany live up to the pre-tournament pundits form and take the prize ?

I’ve got a feeling that from tomorrow’s match (the Quarter Final) we’ll see the eventual winners.


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Music-wise they are well represented and I’ve got three decent efforts…

First one is from a pop/rock group who if they sang in English you would see in the UK charts.

Name of the band is Revolverheld (German for “gun slinger”) who have this official song for the DFB and German team:


» Revolverheld – Helden 2008 (Heroes 2008)


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Next up is another pop/rock type song from "Die Fraktion" which means in German; "the group" and because of this doing a search to find out more information is difficult. You try searching Google for 'the group' and see how many results come up.

» Die Fraktion - Schwarz Rot Gold

- Video

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I may come back and do a sequel to this posting because there's a few more, but lastly for now this one is by "Elton" and that's all I know about him. Not Elton John, although he does look a bit like him in the video

» Elton - Allemann

(Any additional info about Elton would be appreciated)

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