Song For Euro 2008 – Croatia pt 1

He manages the Croatian team, he wears an earing, he smokes fags, he plays guitar in a rock band.

Meet the man who put one over on England and then the other day taught dem Germans a footballing lesson.

The band Rawbau with Slaven Bilic on the left

Slavan Bilic, who West Ham and some Everton fans remember with fondness has said that he would like to manage in the Premier League and if he carries on the way he is there’ll be a couple of chairman wanting to talk to him.

After they qualified for Euro 2008… … the less said about that the better… Bilic, the lead guitarist in the band Rawbau decided to write a song for the Croatian team himself.

“Coach Bilic told us in January that he had a song that sounded good. The song is very catchy, a classic rock tune and I believe that fans will like it and that it will become their hymn,” said Vlatka Bartulovic, a spokeswoman for Zagreb brewery, who will produce the song.

A sample of the lyrics:

We were together in 98?
World has heard of us
And still the bronze medal shines
When we beat Japan, Holland, Romania, Germany

And now, 10 years later
Again the same hope, same dream
We have the tickets, backpacks, and a crest on our chests (Crest 3x)

Fieeery Madness, when it starts, Fieeery
Let everything burn when through our veins
Red and white starts flowing

» Rawbau – Fiery Madness


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  1. Sumo says:

    Just noticed that Bilic is wearing a South Park t shirt in that photo. Can you see Capello doing that.


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