Song For Middlesbrough

Song for Boro

With the Eurovision Song Contest happening next month and keeping fingers crossed that this year’s UK entry at least does marginally better than last years disaster… I’ve decided to to a footie&music equivalent of the qualifying competition.

When I heard these two particular tracks I thought immediately of Eurovision. They really do (in my opinion) sound like an entry for Song For Europe.

After you’ve listened to both the entries below I want you to vote and help to decided which one is the Song For Middlesboro !

First up is local boy Ewan Carmichael, who prefers to go acoustic but is with a full band for this song »

Ewan Carmichael Ewan Carmichael – Dancing Out On The Street

– You can hear and download more songs by Ewan on his page.

Next up is Danny McCoy who makes his living performing as a Bon Jovi tribute act. His song is from a few years ago when ‘Boro were promoted back to the top flight:

Danny McCoy » Danny McCoy – We’re Coming Through

– You can hear Danny and his band – Bon Jordi do their version of Living On A Prayer on their page.

So there you have it.
Now it’s your turn – listen to both entries and then vote below:

Postscript: I found out some extra information about one of the artists, but I'm not going to post it yet because I don't want to influence the vote. I will update this entry with the results and what I discovered after the polling closes on June 1st 2008.

May 24th 2008: The results are in.

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  1. Austin Cook says:

    Bon Jovi definitely rocks, the best rock and roll band in the planet

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