Buster Sidebottom & Frank Bloodvessel

Breaking the rules today with the following.

They are not by or about a football team or by or about any football players.

What they are about is some seasonal tunes done by a couple of musical acts who are well know for their footie supporting. With the first one literally putting his money (or as you will see – his tongue) where his mouth is:

Buster Bloodvessel

A few years ago Mr B. Bloodvessel was involved with his local team, even going as far as sponsoring them:

“…Margate’s new sponsors were Link Music and this led to 80’s pop star Buster Bloodvessel becoming linked with the club, something which attracted a lot of publicity. The name of Buster’s band ‘Bad Manners’ was emblazoned on Margate’s new shirts, the group were with the Link Music record label, and he occasionally watched matches at Hartsdown.”

Not only just watching, he was on the board at one time too.

So with that pisspoor of an excuse found – Here’s a very sugared/saccharine… Xmas version of one of their own tunes:

» Bad Manners – It’s Christmas Time Again

…and the original…

» Bad Manners – Skinhead Love Affair

– –

Next up we have a previously featured act…err….featured on here:

Sidebottom. F

Timperley’s finest – Mr F. Sidebottom (who I’ve heard whisper that’s it’s actually Chris Sievey, late of The Freshies but it’s a damnitable lie I tell you !) gets all festive like with some special Crinkly-time tunes:

» Frank Sidebottom – Oh Come All Ye Faithful

» Frank Sidebottom – I Wish It Could Be Christmas

» Frank Sidebottom – Christmas Is Really Fantastic

Bonus video link: Found via the Shedblog – a blog for everything sheds…check it out… they’ve posted a YouTube clip of Frank live in concert performing a medley of Chrimbo songs.

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