We're going to sit out of this next one...

I’d like to say G’day! to you, Quantas Soccer Sheilarooooos.
It was sometimes painful to watch you, like taking a poooo…
However I’ll be glad if you could take Serbia out with youuuuu…
Something something else needs to be added here, Harry Kewell….

Needs work/completing. If you want to add something leave a comment below.

M.O.R !

“James Delaney is a very patriotic supporter of the Australian QANTAS Socceroos and feels strong enough to put his dedication into a music video.

The song: Socceroo it To You was written especially for the Australian Socceroos and all of their dedicated patriotic fans. To cheer them on through the challenges they will face in South Africa this year. Once again Australia have a very strong team and will be a serious threat to the rest of the world. Oh YEAH…”

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“World Cup 2010 song – “Play This” by December Switch.

A collection of the best soccer / football highlights and goals.”

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“Bonza !”

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