The title of this post (and image) is from his autobiography.
Sir Bobby Robson

I mentioned in a previous article that Sir Bobby Robson was on borrowed time.
That was August last year (2008).

He defied all the odds and continued to fight, but finally as everyone I’m sure now knows…

I loved that man, so easily likable, approachable and friendly. Which I supposed is all the same thing but I don’t care. When you are eulogizing someone you can get away with it.

He is part of history, of all our history.

He is Ipswich, he is Barca, he is PSV, he is Porto, he is Newcastle, he is England. He is football.

As the man himself said he won bugger all as a player, but as a manager he is unsurpassed.

You can pinpoint exactly where everything started to go wrong for Newcastle. It was when they decided to sack him (they were 5th at the time). But it was Fat Freddy and Douglas Hall, who like Mike Ashley, were running the place into the ground.

But this entry isn’t to dwell on that, it is to celebrate his life.

Newcastle made amends for their past mistake by hosting a charity benefit match for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, in which members of the 1990 England team took on a Germany team.

It was only last Sunday (July 26th) and the man himself was there (as I said, fighting to the end).
Before the match there was a ceremony to present Sir Bobby with the UEFA Lifetime Achievement Award:

Stiff upper lip whilst watching this chaps

Singing Nessun Dorma above was Tenors Un Limited.

When the sun is setting tonight go and stand on your balcony, or your doorstep, or wherever you are and remember when…

Pavarotti » Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma

(If you were going to ask. Yes I do have one song done about Sir Bobby, but it’s so bad that it should remain unknown.)

Further YouTubery:
– BBC Sports Personality Of The Year: Lifetime Achievement Award
– Eircom Soccer: Eircom International Personality of the Year Interview
– BBC Inside Out: Sir Bobby Robson’s 75th birthday
– ChronicleLive: Sir Bobby Robson’s Night of Knights

Donate to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation via the Justgiving page.

Update: The F.A has opened an online Book of Condolence.

5 Replies to “Sir Bobby Robson: Farewell But Not Goodbye”

  1. he brought passion, pride and standards to the game that unfortunately in these times of moneygrabbing clueless clowns & primadonnas count for squat. Maybe one of the last of a dying breed. And his name will be remembered long after Freddy “WTF is a Shepherd” is gone..
    Bless you Sir Bobby, and thank you. RIP.

  2. I loved Sir Bobby in life and still do. A fantastic tribute to a man who was almost like a favourite grandad. Sleep tight Wor Bobby – our Angel of Sport. Love always to the elder Statesman of soccer. Ron Simpson – Newcastle fan, Glasgow.

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