Let me introduce you to the handsome devil below. His name is Andrew White who in his home country wouldn’t get a 2nd glance, but in another would not be able to…well he would actually… let me dial it back a little… In another country would be occasionally bothered for an autograph.

Andrew White

Let me tweak that last line a bit more: In a certain part of another country might be politely asked for his autograph by fans of a particular team.

That team in question is Bayen Munich and yes… you are already ahead of me.

But before we continue – a quick bio on the above gentleman in question:

Also known as Andrew Weitz he is actually from the U.S.A and was born in the Bronx area of New York City. Andrew decided to study the piano at college and that started a fledgling career as a recording artist, but alas no chart success. In the mid 80’s he eventually found himself in Europe and eventually playing the piano in a Munich restaurant which was frequented by well connected clients and this led him to performing all sorts of corporate gigs. Once again Andrew attempted to reach the charts with a CD release and Bayern Munich, who had hired him previously for corporate shows remembered Andrew and tapped him up for the following.

Ah the internets. What a genius invention it is…. Sir Tim Berners-Lee I will forever be in your debt.
It’s because of him and Vint Cerf and others that I am now proud to be able to present to you:

Andrew White and the 93-94 Bayern Munich team

» Andrew White/FC Bayern – Forever Number One

» Forever Number One (Radio Version German)

» Forever Number One (Karaoke Version)
No I’m not kidding. Sing along now

» Forever Number One (Live Version)
Live ? Doubtful about that….

– –

EDIT: Update: I’ve just discovered (I wish I didn’t) that Andrew White went back to the well again and again periodically remixed and re-re-releasing this tune. Flogging a dead horse ? Not even close. The addition below is the another version released I think the 2nd time. The next instance I found was from 2003 and sounds the same. This track appeared along with the German version (again) and the Karaoke version (again and again and…) Please make it stop.

» Forever Number One (Party Mix)

– –

Oh and I forgot to tell you – This is only the first part. There’s more to come.

Come on… play through the pain…go and run it off…

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