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The power of Twitter…

A few years ago I spotted an album of songs about Sheffield Wednesday released on Cherry Red Records.

For those of you who don’t know, Cherry Red is the greatest record label every to exist. Why because they have the largest selection of football-related CD’s anywhere in the world. Have a look at the list in that link there and if the CD isn’t for sale on the Cherry Red site, do a search on Amazon UK.

I highlighted in the other post and saw on the Sheffield Wednesday CD this accompanying text:

“As Sheffield Wednesday usher in a new cosmopolitan era, a chance for their fans to pay tribute to the team. Martyn Ware (Heaven 17 & Human League) takes centre stage with 3 tracks (and the sleeve notes)…”

As I mentioned in that previous entry I am a big fan of Martyn Ware and all his works, so I’ve always wondered which three tracks these were… And then Twitter came along, found out that the man himself was on there and was able to ask directly:

Ah I love the future.

So here now for your consumption are the three songs:

Hillsboro’ Crew – Steel City (Move On Up):

Released in 1986. Produced by Martyn and backing vocals from Glenn Gregory.
If the tune sounds familiar to you that’s because it’s from Artists United Against Apartheid – Sun City.

Hillsborough Crew – If It’s Wednesday It Must Be Wembley:

Recorded for the 1993 FA Cup Final, the lyrics mention many of the team playing at the time.
Somebody has helpfully created a visual guide to the song:

The Wednesday Kop Band – Oh Yes:

Released in 1997 and the CD has a Di Canio Dub Mix and a Carbone Dub Mix, which I’d love to hear if anybody wants to buy it from ebay.
– Also involved in the in these songs is actor Ian Reddington who you might have seen in Corrie and Eastenders.

– There was an actual real Wednesday Kop band, but they stop playing in 2005.

Stream only for all these tracks because they are still available via CD and mp3 download at Amazon.

Martyn Ware has other items available to purchase including the Illustrious 10 CD boxed set.

Bonus listening/download:

In October 2012 there was a BBC 6Music documentary about the Ian Craig Marsh & Martyn Ware project B.E.F (British Electric Foundation:

» Link

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  1. The band still play at the back of the kop, they did disappear for a while after a fall out with the owners of the club at the time but are now back and dividing opinion. Many fans think it’s time for the band to go, whereas I, amongst others would like them to stay

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