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Hello and thank to to for the thousands of hits straight after the match.

Reflecting on yesterday and cashing in on the sudden attention given to the beating of the Spanish at the hands of the Americans… (no I’m not going to do Gitmo jibe here)… in the soccer kickball tourney currently being played in South Africa. »   Full analysis by Twohundredpercent here.

Although it’s not going to advance their domestic game any further – only two of the starting XI play in the MLS – it is at least going to get 30 seconds of time of the short attention spanned* American sports fans.   *The late Steven Wells summed that up perfectly here.

As The Fiver mentions it is a bit of another false dawn… (sorry for all the Grauniad links, I openly admit, I am a regular reader)… knowing the yankeedoodies as well as I do… this site is run by a Brit Expat married to an American and now living in the USA… I know that once America finally discovers a new sport that they are actually half good at, they will want to dominate and then win everything to do with it. Mark my words, eventually the USA will lift the World Cup.   If they don’t I’ll take up ballet lessons with Shane Evans.

This is yet another repost of previously featured tunes, again as mentioned in an attempt to harvest some extra visits to F+M.
– Featuring songs done by two players from last night, the first one from who scored the 2nd one:

Fulham's Clint Dempsey A few years back Clint Dempsey made a music video in conjunction with which was featured on their site. He recorded this under the name of “Deuce” and collaborated with others on this project. More info and background here.

Decent outfield player and not bad with the rapping too:
» Deuce featuring Big Hawk & XO – Don’t Tread

This next one from the defense (spelling appropriate) who got a shut out and didn’t give any PK’s…

(Seriously I am worried about that Mickey Mouse operation who now have some EPL rights for next season will thrust the likes of JP Delacamera and that gobshite Tommy Smyth upon you)

Back to the game in hand though:

Watford's Jay DeMerit Jay DeMerit didn’t get drafted into the MLS from college, but eventually ended up at Watford. On his way to the Hornets he played for non-league Northwood and after an assistant coach’s father died of cancer he went about raising money for Cancer Research UK, which included the recording of the following song.
» Full story here.

Bit of a corny tune, but it was for charidee…
» Jay DeMerit – Soccer Rocks

Before this last game and after their thrashings at the hands of Italy and Brazil, the USA were half expecting to go home. But then Egypt beat Italy and… well as they say, that’s football for you.

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  1. Great post. Watching the USA play Spain, and Tim Howard thwart Fernando Torres, I reminded my coworkers that it really represented Everton’s goalkeeper facing Liverpool’s most-potent striker. Which seemed rather odd.
    Webbie — I linked to you on Route 1. It might not mean too much more traffic for you, though. But hey… it’s the thought that counts!

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