This is the 2nd post in a mini-series looking at this year's FA Cup Semi-Finalists.

A couple of weeks ago they bent over and asked; “Please sir may I have one more…?”

Aston Villa defence after they let in Chelsea's 6th

I was tempted to do a photoshopped pic of O’Neill over a desk with Ancelotti giving him a thorough paddling.

And this coming Saturday they will be at Wembley to face Chelsea once again, but this time obviously it will not be the same scoreline.

At least that’s what the Villa fans are hoping…

But no. Lightning cannot strike twice like this, there’s not going to be another rout. It is possible for the Villa to take it, I mean when they met last October in the league it was a 2-1 home win.

My reckoning though is that they will come away disappointed. I’m hoping for a close game (so are ITV1 !) and maybe even some extra time with the Villa going down to some cruel luck right at the last.

But please don’t take my word for it, my predictions are about as accurate as Mystic Meg’s.

That’s enough filler, now for the music.

I did find this ebay auction, but apart from that I don’t have any info on today’s Aston Villa singing supporter. These songs were recorded in 1979 – when both Andy Gray and Brian Little were still running around in shorts. They are both mentioned in the first track which is helpful to anyone who has trouble spelling the name of the club.

Aston Villa Badge » Dave Ismay & the Holte End – A.S.T.O.N. V.I.L.L.A

» Dave Ismay & the Holte End – We’re The Holte End

As to why Dave Ismay decided to sing about them (when there was (in ’79) nothing much to sing about) is a bit of a mystery. If there are any Aston Villa supporters out there who could expand, thanks.

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  1. Dave Ismay, eh? So that’s dismay, in a nutshell? An emotion experienced by tens of thousands of Villa supporters after that drubbing at the Bridge the other week, I shouldn’t wonder. Much to their D Ismay.

    Much as I’d like Villa to trounce (or even squeak past) Chelsea on Sarraday (as Jossy Blair would have it), I really can’t see the Villains containing Chelsea and especially Florent Malouda, who’s been , to use a colloquailism, on fire of late.

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