This is a mini-series looking at the four contenders for the title of the biggiest, bestiest, goodliest… [stop all that] … sorry, the teams playing in the FA Cup Semi Finals this coming weekend.

Starting us off is a send off for an FA Cup winner only two seasons ago…

We wun it wonce...

But now have fallen upon… well I don’t need to expand on that, everyone knows of their current plight.
Which some have pointed fingers and accused a certain ex-manager of being a party to – and just to add an extra ingredient into this mix he will be leading the team who will be facing them this Sunday.

And what a boat race:

Hurry up Harry

The two teams met only a couple of weeks ago with the result being pretty much a foregone. Which is what I think will happen again this coming Sunday so that’s why I’m starting with them.

Today’s featured artist is a local comedian and singer Shep Woolley, who is a die hard Pompey fan.

Shep Woolley » Shep Woolley – Portsmouth ‘Til I Die

» Shep Woolley/Fratton Fred’s Frogmore Five – Pompey Rock

Bon Voyage Pompey, thanks for playing.

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