This is the last of the posts looking at the FA Cup Semi-Finalists.

We have the monopoly!

(Just told somebody that F&M don’t do adverts and then I go and add this image…)

I’ve got nothing at all to say about Chelski. Nothing. I’ve said in the other post that I really don’t think, unless their back four go to sleep, Aston Villa will exact any revenge for their 7-1 drubbing inflicted upon them by the Blues the other week.

The Stamford Bridge lot are on form and even with the distraction of the Chase For The Title™ this is only one match before the run in gets really interesting.

To abitofmusicthen… and a couple from a couple of Chelsea legends (if you are reading this in London then it’s pronounced ‘leg – ends’). The first track, with an introduction from his colleague Alan Hudson, is a cover version of a popular song at the time.

» Peter Osgood – Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

» Ron Harris w/players & fans – Chel-Sea of Blue

I’ve already got some songs lined for the team who I think will win the cup, so they’d better…

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