3rd post in a series of songs done about certain players which when looking back on it now…

I read the news today (oh boy) about another Premiership footballer being arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Drunk and disorderly… hang on don’t I have something…

Ah here we are.

It is a re-worded version of Go West, a tune which has turned into terrace chant by fans of nearly every club. The most popular and familiar to us is the Arsenal version.

But to this one, which was done at the peak of Duncan Disorderly’s Everton career.

Duncan Ferguson

Duncan pictured above challenging the entire away end to take it outside.

» Duncan’s Army – Duncan, Duncan Ferguson

– Of course it would be remiss of me if I didn’t included the original…

Pet Shop Boys » Pet Shop Boys – Go West

– Sorry I meant the original…

Offending song removed

Duncan Ferguson, Pet Shop Boys and the … three things I’d never thought would be mentioned in the same post…

Extra Time.
Other things I found in relation to some of the above:

– If you liked the PSB’s and want to hear a shitload of other mixes then go here young man.

Off The Post speculates whether it was GMTV’s Fiona Phillips who drove A. Cole to the drink.

– From SoccerAM via Metacafe: The look on Jimmy Bullard’s face after Duncan had decked him in the penalty area.

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