I went off on a tangent with songs about German football players and then about some German teams. Still got a good few more to post on that subject but I've decided to hold them back and do them at a later date because I want to return to the "theme" I was originally on - songs about some players.

I’d like to have more time to post on here, but there are people who give me money so that I perform certain services for them..*ahem*…. Talking of which…

Actually I don’t think he had to pay …

It’s been a few years since, but it is still the first thought that comes into your head when you think about Stan Collymore.


Sad isn’t it.

I would write about his glittering footie career but he didn’t really have one. Yeah he knocked in a few good goals, but in all that time he never lifted a cup. Not one medal to his name.
(Notts Forest ? They were runners up in the league and gained promotion, no silverwear is awarded for that.)

Liverpool sold him and Villa loaned him, DoggyCollymore’s playing career went into a downward spiral with a free transfer to Leicester (11 games, 5 goals), followed by a brief stint at Bradford (7 games, 2 goals) before finally finding himself Real Oviedo. He was dropped after playing 3 matches so he could get his fitness back but decided at the age of 30, to retire from the game.

After retirement the Ulrika beating, car park dogging, coke sniffing, depression suffering and then suicide attempting ex-England international…. well three appearances….but no goals… finally found some focus – after a bit of a stutter when he was in the tabloids for his antics in Cannock Chase – with a career in the media.

For now we seem to have forgotten, if not forgiven his past misdeeds. But as I demonstrated we still remember when reminded and he knows that even a minor slip would put him back in the dog house.
Or car park at least.

– During his two seasons at Liverpool somebody decided to produce a (weak) song :

» The Red Karaoke – My Friend Stan

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