You will have seen the latest troubles for Parma FC. Bankrupt once again (this is their third time). After this season Parma Football Club will probably fold and reform as a new concern, starting again in Serie D.

The northern Italian side, founded in 1913 as Verdi Foot Ball Club in honour of the centenary of famous opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, who was born in the province of Parma.

The team run out to a Verdi composition. It’s from part of his opera Aida called ‘Marcia Trionfale’ – the Triumphal March (seen below as staged by the Metropolitan Opera House) You may recognise the tune.

» Verdi – Triumphal March

– The fans, as with all Italian football fans are loud and passionate. They like to sing the odd tune as well. Their ultras can be found singing covers of 60’s Italian pop songs.
No really, have a listen:

That is “Non sarà un’avventura” (It will be an adventure) from Lucio Battisiti – and here is the original, performed live by him at the Sanremo Festival in 1969:


» Lucio Battisiti – Non sarà un’avventura

That’s not the only song they sing. Here’s another:

This one is called “Maledetta Primavera” (Cursed Spring) and was originally done by Loretta Goggi – and here she is at the Sanremo Music Festival in 1981:


» Loretta Goggi – Maldetta Primavera

– There is Blu & Giallo, a Parma F.C. anthem, but I love this remix:

» PSK – GialloBlue (Black and Yellow Rmx)

It is sad to see a great old club like this go to the wall once again. Hope to see them back in Serie A one day.

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