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Well that seems to be it for his blog. No updates since August 16th which means no new material for me to rip the piss out of. So now I have to trawl the web. See what you’ve resorted me to Derek ?! Come on chap, get one of your lackies to ghost write something new for us.

In the meantime some non-footie newsstuff I’ve found about Derek and Skeletor:

Via Beckhams up for comedy award

    It is an award they might not want to actually win – David and Victoria Beckham have been nominated for the title of Funniest Double Act.

    The pair are up for the gong thanks to their bid to conquer the US…

    Loaded editor Martin Daubney said: “Perhaps it’s Victoria’s growing comedy chest or her attempts to integrate into American culture by pitching at baseball matches that have had the British public laughing.

    “It’s been a vintage year for comedy and the nominations in this year’s Laftas are a testament to that.

    “The Laftas are voted for by the Great British public which makes them the only comedy awards worth their salt. What we have here are the funniest fellas and fillies in the land – and a few surprises, too.

Another one:

Via Digital Spy: Beckhams top ‘Overrated 100’ poll

    The Beckhams have topped a magazine list of the most overrated celebrities.

    The former England football captain and Spice Girl, who moved to LA earlier this year, were number one in Radar magazine’s list of the ‘Most Over-Hyped People on the Planet’.

Everybody is ripping it out of them, probably glad they moved to LA now than going back to Blighty. But that’s the way with us innit. Build them up and then knock ’em down.

Another potshot taken at them is a spoof documentary series called Star Stories. This spookily accurate portrayal of their story so far was first shown on Channel 4 this time (September) last year.

View the episode…

Edit: Can't embed the video, so click on the image below to view Part 1
» Part 2 here.
» Part 3 here.

YouTube - Star Stories


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