Carmen Rosa - photo by Gaelle Beri 2006

They were formed [were first spotted] in 2000 and what initially started out as a studio project [indoor 5-a side] quickly blossomed into a full live band. [Started games for the first team]. Since 2002 the band have been playing venues [matches] all over the UK as well as some dates in Europe. [Pre-season friendlies] The band has recently grown from a four to a six piece [new signings] enhancing the overall sound. [New coaching set-up].

The band are still unsigned… [unsigned] – Some words from various media outlets [other scouts]:

BBC South:

“They come from the Spiritualized school of music – developing hypnotic rhythms and waves of guitar that ebb and flow, evolving into almost psychedelic crescendos before dropping off into lush dream-pop melodies.”

Vanity Project Live:

“The music of Carmen Rosa drifts in and out of focus, gentle waves of guitar and bass create sonic soundscapes that give way to crashing crescendos of intense energy before floating into the ether never to return….one look around during the gig and you can see that the others are lost in their own little bit of time and space that Carmen Rosa have created for them, just enjoying the ebb and flow of a beautiful band.”

The band have just, very recently released a new album – and you can download it for free.

The title of the album is Souls and you can find it here.

» A review from MusicVita:

“This week finally sees the return of Carmen Rosa, five years since their debut You Only Think You Know warmed ossicles back in 2005. The 14-track self-produced, self-released Souls is the end product of this wait, an album that truly threatens to launch the band onto a far greater stage.

For the uninitiated, South Coast-based Carmen Rosa started life as a four-piece alternative band, combining experimental and electronic ideals with groove heavy foundations. Since their debut album they’ve grown in number to five with the addition of Lora Kirk, a solo artist in her own right whose vocals add a darker edge to their sound and play counterpoint to Ben Baxter’s airy relaxed tones.

… (Souls) possesses a majesty and a warmth in its layered textures, far eclipsing their debut in its ambition not only sonically, but also musically…

In summary, this is an album that requires listener patience, a tall ask in our iTunes culture of instant consumer gratification. Souls grows with each listen and at an hour in length it needs a commitment that may test those unwilling to devote…”

» Full article

– Selected a couple of tracks to give them a run out… The first one, the title of the album has lyrics which almost sound like he’s deciding which formation to choose:

Carmen Rosa - Souls
» Carmen Rosa – Souls

» Carmen Rosa – Station

… but the performance I really want to highlight is one from a few years ago and a track which was previously on a compilation album put out by Cherry Red Records. This song (an instrumental) featured samples of the crowd at Fratton Park, the home of Pompey. As well as that other football and music essential ingredient, live commentary.
Paired the track up with another Carmen Rosa previous outing:

Carmen Rosa
» Carmen Rosa – Football Pie

» Carmen Rosa – Yesterdays Saint

So a great young prospect, keep a look out for this one.

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