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With thanks to Teena from Y I, Mum? and Sam Beckwith from Stumpy Moose for spotting…

There’s a song that was on Eurovision this year which has been reused for this World Cup.

No not that French one. It was from Lena, who won the competition and some university students have done a “version” of it to support the Deutsche Fußball Nationalmanschaft.

This via the English-language version of Spiegel Online:

Student Prank Becomes Football’s New Favorite Hymn

Lena who? A group of university students have remade Eurovision’s winning song into an unofficial World Cup football anthem. But what started as a joke, has resulted in a cult hit — and a record contract.

A prank video by university students in Germany has brought two of the country’s recent obsessions together. But now, what started as a prank has ended in a recording contract with one of the world’s largest entertainment companies and looks set to become a big hit in the next few weeks.

Inspired by Germany’s victory in the Eurovision song contest in late May, the students, from the town of Münster, performed a parody of the winning song “Satellite,” performed by Lena Meyer-Landrut. But the group changed the lyrics of the catchy pop song into an homage to the German national football team, now competing the the World Cup in South Africa. Instead of “Love, oh, Love,” the refrain became “Schland, oh, Schland” — football shorthand for Deutschland (Germany)…

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The video:

….and a live version from the winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest:

Lena » Lena – Satellite

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