“The Elvi’s Have Left The Stadium”

The Xmas Elvis Yesterday we had three ingredients that should never meet. Today I’m going to throw in another one which again you would usually never associate with some of the others.

Today it is: Football. Music. Christmas and… Elvis.

How the hell this came about I don’t know. No joy in a search for the truth. This is another one like Dubya’s drunk driving conviction, was buried in the hope that nobody would uncover again.

Yesterday’s offerings were a bit bad, these ones are very sad.

Harry Roden (for we must name names here. The guilty must be exposed) wherever you are. I’m sure you are still cursing this career (if you had one) killer.

Harry is a barcodes fan and sings, in an Elvis style, about Santa wearing red and white when in his opinion he should be in black and white:

» Harry Roden – Santa Is A Geordie

Frank WorthyNext up is a song about a journeyman and well known footie player, who might have been also known as a legendary footballer if it wasn’t for his legendary drinking and womanizing. This one isn’t a Chrimbo one but is a footie/musical/Elvis one.

Frank Worthington has somehow managed to survive where Bestie’s liver didn’t and is still doing the rounds as an after-dinner speaker. A snippet from Who At All The Pies on his colourful past:

“Frankie has the kind of history where myth and fact are blurred… but it doesn’t really matter. One brilliant tale I overheard once involved Frank playing for the England U23s… the squad flew to Russia, and the players trudged off the plane one-by-one in their royal blue England blazers… but without Worthington who delayed his departure… probably to get a last gin in, and to chat up the stewardess… then, like his hero, Elvis, he swaggered down the steps dressed in full cowboy attire, complete with ten gallon stetson and tassles. The Russian public didn’t know what to make of such decadence, and Frank promptly pissed off to the bar.”

This track was recorded when he was at Leicester and done by some person(s) unknown under the pseudomyn of “The Joe Jordanaires”. Why they chose this name I don’t know. I’ve looked at their careers and they never crossed paths. I think they just used Joe Jordan’s name because it was an attempt at a pun on the real group.

» The Joe Jordanaires – Frank Worthington

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  1. Mick Daglish says:

    My wife’s uncle is Harry Roden, who unfortunately is no longer with us, but she loves the song…so there…ha ha.


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