The bookies gave some half decent odds because of the Premiership side they were facing… but in the end it didn’t happen and now it’s back to the bread & butter and the immediate challenge to make sure that Tranmere Rovers are still in the same division the next time this cup opportunity comes calling.

Best of luck to everyone there, but especially to Les Parry, who has been given the managerial hot seat until the end of the season and also has the impossible task of keeping Tranmere up with very, very little resources to hand.

Don’t say it’ll never happen though. Once again I have to mention: It is football and… yeah.

I purposely waited until after the match had played so I could post these pre-selected tunes.

It wasn’t because I wanted them to lose or anything, I always like to see a top side being knocked out of the cup (apart from mine obviously). I love the FA Cup and I know that for the fans of the lower division teams this is a highlight of the season, a chance of a big scalp. As well as being a financial boost to the clubs.

A while ago I made a suggestion to Fredorrarci and now I feel that I am treading on his toes by featuring any more, so this will be the last time that they will be mentioned on here.

In the future if you want to get your HMHB fix get yourself over to Sport Is A TV Show

4 lads who shook the wirral » HMHB – Reasons To Be Miserable (Part Ten)

» HMHB – No Regrets*

*Featuring Margi Clarke – see the video here.

…and finally…
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