A Servant To His Club

You’d think that with him being there for so long, there’s bound to a few decent songs done about him.


Well there isn’t.

There is this very weak effort done by a mentioned in a couple of other posts studio group:

Giggs small » The Rainbow Choir – Ryan Giggs We Love You

But come on… is that it ?

It’s the same problem I had when I posted a tribute to Maldini, another loyal servant to his one and only club.

I did some extra searching around and on You Tube there’s obviously lots of clips done by people paying tribute.
From there I found this one which is clips of some of Giggs’ greatest goals with music by Moby.
The creator/uploader overlaid a bit of commentary on the track so I’ve named it the “Giggs Mix”

Moby » Moby – Rise Up (Giggs Mix)

If there is any actual decent musical tributes done for Giggsy then please let me know.

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