Ruud Much ?

Why do you always hurt the one you love the most ?

It always ends with a big falling out with them leaving and moving as far away as possible.

Maybe even to another country…

This happened a couple of years ago when Rutgerus Johannes Martinus van Nistelrooij was the apple in Alex F’s eye.

A message to you Ruuuudi

But then a younger more attractive prospect arrived and soon became Fergie’s latest crush.

Little Ronn had become the darling of the play(training) ground. Everybody crowding around him, eager to be near this new pretty young thing.
Not the face !
Big Ruud saw this and that Fergie was constantly watching ‘ickle Cristian and not him anymore… Ruudi didn’t like this. Ruud was getting angrier and angrier.

Near to the end of the season he was told to sit on the park bench and look at whilst everybody else got to play a game.

And then one day…

Via Wikipedia:

“On 9th May 2006, Setanta Sports reported that van Nistelrooy’s exclusion from the squad was due to a training-session fight between him and teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. Van Nistelrooy allegedly criticised Ronaldo’s tendency to hold onto the ball instead of passing to his teammates, which sparked the fight, after which van Nistelrooy remarked, “Go crying to your daddy.” The article claimed that this was not a reference to Ronaldo’s father (who had died earlier in the season), but to United’s Portuguese assistant coach, Carlos Queiroz.

For the final game he was told that he would still be benched, forced to watch all the others and that was it. He took his ball and stomped off in a huff.

Soon after he packed his bags, flew off to Madrid and has never been seen in or near Manchester ever since.

It wasn’t the first time that AlexF had fallen out with his BFF, it had happened many years before. This time it wasn’t with a one trick pony who was good with the free kicks, it was with an out and out front performer who liked to knock them in.

But as we saw with last season, Ruudi has all been forgotten about now thanks to Fergie’s latest squeeze.

» Tune about Ruud sung in Dutch (it isn’t SteMcL singing though). I hope it isn’t actually rude:

» Jan the Frallan – The Ruud van Nistelrooy Song

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