MISTER Keane to you sir !

Never leave football again* Never.

Selected quotes taken after the Coventry v Ipswich match - which ended in defeat for the Tractor Boys. :

“I’ll be down tonight but the day my appetite isn’t affected by defeat I’ll be out of the game. I am trying to learn from my experiences at Sunderland and not get too downhearted but I will not get home, put my feet up and have a whistle.

“But I’ve been like that since I was eight or nine years old. the beauty of it is that we have a game on Tuesday night so that can cheer me up.

“There will always be disappointments in football but I will be okay – don’t worry about me.

“This will put a dampener on my birthday for sure but Roy Keane’s birthday is not, and should not be, important in the grand scheme of things.”

Via the BBC

* Of course you can leave Ipswich if you want, but don’t wait too long to come back again next time.

** Image nicked from Fisted Away.

*** Bonus: Something originally posted over on Red Rants:

From the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show podcast – this is something from those funsters Gift Grub which is sung by quote: “Roy Keane” about that boy Ronaldo. You know the one, just moved to that Spanish club…

Gift Grub » Gift Grub – Gift Ronaldo (Roy Keane)

Oh and have a Happy Birthday.

Update – The original song:
» The Kinks – Lola

Yet Another Update: More Keano quotable goodness.

“…I feel capable of running a top, top club. I want to manage teams who are challenging for trophies and playing in the Champions League.

“I need to be a little bit more patient with myself. You have to have a hell of a lot of experience to manage the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.

“But I am confident that one day I will be manager of one of the big teams.”

» source

No disrespect to his current club at all there…

2 Replies to “Roy Keane You Magnificent Bastard”

  1. John Boy is hoping that Roy Keane had a good birthday despite the result.

    John Boy would ask Roy Keane to reconsider putting his feet up and having a whistle. HE’s missing out there.

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