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» A few months back I did something about the Producer/record label boss J.Saul Kane and his music output as Depth Charge. In that previous post the song (Goal) was influenced by and sampled the sounds of Brazilian soccer.

That single was released in 1990 in time to catch the World Cup fever and eight years later Mr Saul Kane tried again with this tribute to another (of the many) legendary Brazilian strikers:   Romário.


Only problem though was that just before the (1998) WC finals he had a muscle injury and never recovered in time to be selected. Thus pretty much killing the sales of this single:

romario_single » Depth Charge – Romario (Single Version)

» Son of Rio Mix (Single Version)

» Percussion Unit Mix

Extra Time: Found a YouTube video of some of his (reportedly 1000) goals set to music.
It is entitled “O Rei do Gol” (King of Goal).

Incidentally at 43 years old – He’s still playing.

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