Familiar songs covered

The following are England songs done some acts who took the shortest and easiest route to recording a World Cup tune. That route ? Simple. You take a well known single and then add your own lyrics.

I’ve posted some efforts previously, but these below could be considered the “best…”

I said could be… Whether they are or not is up to you do decide.

– Starting with an individual who barely bothered with coming up with an assumed name for their England relyriced* tune which uses the music from a very well known song originally done by C…….

(It is pronounced re-lyr-ic-ed. I know it’s not a word, I’ve just invented it to describe this new genre.)

When England Rule The World » Chris Martini – When England Rule the World

Some skill with the lyrics there with the words chosen to fit the tune.

– Next up are two from 2006 which I hoped would have been revived for this year, but sadly not.
That’s right I actually wanted to hear more England songs.

The first one is from a double act called Fry & Wilson who by the look of it have gone their separate ways. This track, originally a tune by The Shamen, actually got picked up by One Little Indian – the same label that the Shamen were on.

England Win With Ease Fry & Wilson - England (Win With Ease):

The single is still available to download via Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

Lastly for now this from a group who’ve you have all heard at every England match. I assume they’ll be going over to South Africa, but I doubt if we’ll be able to hear them over all the Vuvuzela’s.

Four years ago the England Supporters Band covered a very, very familiar tune.
Unlike their usual output though this one was given (rewritten) lyrics via the help of the Arsenal supporting Don Sebastiano (who we’ve featured a few times) who also sang the vocals. The song they took on was a James classic:

England Supporters Band The England Supporters Band -
Eng-Er-Land (Sing Along With Me) :

This track is still available to download via Amazon UK.

You want to listen to the originals ? You sure ? But you know them already… Ah

» If you spot a reworded song about England (apart from Walk Like An Egyptian, we’ve done that one) – post a comment below:

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