Saw this headline which gave me a laugh: “Brady believes Italy are worried.”

Italy. Are worried.

Liam BradyItaly. Playing at home, (down south in Bari instead of up north in Rome, because as Liam speculates in the above article, when they are worried they move the match 233 miles – and not because they want to give the southern Italian fans a chance to see them play I’m sure) are worried…

But then Brady, who had retired from Internationals just before the 1990 World Cup qualifiers and then un-retired once they had qualified – but Jackie chose to take the players who got them there and not a bandwagon jumper, could be onto something there.

Italy are currently 1st in their group on 13 points, which is what the Republic would have had if they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot with the draw last Saturday. It will be a difficult game for the Azzurri on Wednesday night and Brady brings up the memory of the 1994 World Cup match to unnerve them further.

Because yeah, they never recovered from that one loss 15 years ago did they…

– Or it could be simply that Liam Brady is simply doing a bit of comedy and paying homage to the late, lovely Dermot Morgan who included him in this skit from 1990:

Dermot Morgan

» Dermot Morgan – Deck Of Cards
Based upon the famous Deck of Cards song

Dermot also sang (Italian style) about the wonderful lads:
»Dermot Morgan – What A Beautiful Team

…and followed closely with this very funny riffing on everything Eyetielian:
» Dermot Morgan – Not A Great Player

Extra Link: On the Various Ramblings of Danny Invincible blog – Danny gives us A Brief History of Irish International Football, with part three being about World Cup Italia ’90.

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  1. Dermot is impersonating Eamon Dunphy in ‘Not A Great Player’. Dunphy infamously said of Michel Platini that he was “a good player, not a great player”…during Euro ’84, I believe.

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