Relegation Fodder

As mentioned yesterday there are two clubs in the Championship that are both favourites for that one remaining relegation place.

But there are others who are nervously looking over their shoulders and should the results go a different way could find themselves making a trip to Yeovil next season.
They are Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry and today’s subject: Blackpool.

How long is it since I’ve been there….? How long…? In the 80’s ? Bloody hell that’s a while.
I think the last time was with me mates on our motorbikes, before that it was when I was a kid it was day trips with the family.

Blackpool, the Las Vegas of the North with all the cheezy cabaret shows. It was here you could find the personalities you don’t see on telly any more. Light entertainment hell at the end of the Central Pier.

As for the footie it was back in the day when money didn’t matter, when you couldn’t buy the title but had to have players who could win it for you.

Blackpool FC had their halcyon days after World War II when they had Mortensen on their books, plus in the 1950’s the other legend Stanly Matthews played for them.

The Seasiders made three Wembley appearances in six years and came close to winning the League Championship on several occasions, but never quite made it.

After years of slumber lower down the leagues this season (at the moment) they are in the Championship, but like the above mentioned there is a chance that they could drop again.

– As for their music I discovered the following song which was originally posted by Twohundredpercent. It was done by those (they were fit the 80’s) Nolan Sisters.

It’s a very short one at only 1 minute 40 seconds:

The Nolans

» The Nolans – Blackpool

After a quick Google I found more information via the blackpool-madwebsite. On there it has details about this song which was originally recorded in 1972 when the Nolans were part of a the family group with their parents and known as the Singing Nolans.

If you want to know the full story go over there and have a read.

Because of the short length of their song I wanted to add something else, so have some Manics:

» Manic Street Preachers – Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier

And finally...

One for all the threatened clubs from a F&M stalwart. By final whistle this coming Sunday these teams will hope to be…

» Half Man Half Biscuit – Mathematically Safe

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