The Heather Was Bonnie

Go Lassie go !Rod the Mod has turned into a bit of a crooner the last few years, turned into an English version of Barry Manilow. Both of them now raping other people back catalogues and coining it in with cover versions.

But it wasn’t always like that.

I was doing a quick research and on browsing his discography I realised I was more familiar with some of singles than I’d care to admit.

I also discovered something else when looking. The old shagger used the same formula over the years and I’m surprised it wasn’t spotted sooner »

– Make sure the song has ‘Heart’ in the title.

– When making a video – film it somewhere in America’s midwest.
Give it a vintage look, bung in a bit of World War II stuff if you can.

– When recording the single ensure that, of course, bagpipes are used.

– Plus – again of course – get a crowd of people in to sing backing vocals.

Which brings us neatly to today’s entry from the London born Rod…

No I’m not going to rag on him for being born in Highgate. Even though he doesn’t own any property or has ever lived there, it is common knowledge that he is Scottish through and through.
Again it is well documented that he is a big footie fan. Was himself a player once – on the books at Brentford at one time. Been seen at Rangers matches as well I think and can always be found following the Scotland team.

And with being a singer, a well know football supporting Scottish one at that, it was inevitable that they would get together and record something to coincide with an appearance at a major tournament.

I think he noticed the theme with other football singles which seemed to steer away from singing about football itself. In fact they don’t even mention it at all. Rod carried this idea over and covered a traditional about an indigenous plant instead:

Rod Stewart and the Scottish Euro ’96 Football Squad - Purple Heather

» Rod Stewart with the Scottish Euro ’96 Squad – Purple Heather

Everybody sing along now…

Purple Heather lyrics

Looking at those lyrics you are think the same as me I’m sure.
Euro 1996 which was played in in June and July. Makes perfect sense.

This was actually the 2nd time Rod sang for Scotland. The first one will be posted another time.

2 Replies to “The Heather Was Bonnie”

  1. Lynchie fae Aberdeen says:

    Rod absolutely murders an old Scots folk song, better known as “Will Ye Go Lassie Go”…I’d almost forgotten about this wee “gem”. Thankyou for giving me nightmares again!
    I look forward to Rod The Sod and The Scotland team’s rendition of “Ole Ola” – worth the price of admission alone because it contains the Archie Macpherson commentary on one of King Kenny Dalglish’s goals in the qualifying match against Wales(?)…”Oooooooohhhhhhhh WHAT A GOAL!”
    Good luck against Italy tomorrow – we’re gonna need it!

  2. Lynchie fae Aberdeen says:

    Ps – Rodney is a fan of Glasgow CELTIC – mortal enemy of the Huns (aka Glasgow Rangers)…


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