Updated for the 2015-2016 Premier League season

Following on from the 2014 World Cup Songs – Every Team project – here’s the domestic version for the Premier League.
Where possible I’ve posted a song that is a cheer for that particular team.

Updates for the 2017-2018 season are here

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There’s a band called Sounds Like Adam who first released the song “Eddie’s Army” in 2013. They’ve since re-recorded it for this upcoming Premier League season (video embedded below). I like the acoustic version they recorded inside Dean Court.


The 1972 Chelsea squad with a very well known song, another singalong.

Crystal Palace:

Yes you’ve guessed it, another 1970’s swinging tune. The video version is faster than the audio version below.


You are probably getting the idea now. Another old but classic song.


Their anthem, a song made famous by Louis Armstrong.


I don’t know who did this, it’s a lesser known song but a catchy one.


A bit of big fish/little fish/cardboard box with this bouncy version of the most famous song associated with Southampton – a song once again made famous by Louis Armstrong (Oh When The Saints Go Marching in).


This Stoke City song came out in… guess what year. Really got to look into this 1972 phenomenon.


This is a homemade song from three years ago. It could double as an advert for tourist information, the song and video highlights some of the landmarks of the city.


So when I went to look for a song traditionally associated with Watford FC I discovered that they use an instrumental version of “Johnny Todd” aka the Z-Cars theme – which is probably more famous with it being Everton’s theme song.
Both clubs using the same tune is very weird. In all his time as chairman, not once did Elton John do a tune for them. So until I can find another song associated with them, here’s Elton performing live at Vickerage Road in 2010 peforming “Your Song”:

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