[Subs Bench] Posted Just Because…

…the names of the songs could be construed to be footie related.

Plus they could be used by a documentary film maker who’s following a lower league club or their fans around and recording their frustrations and disappointments at yet another loss.

Think of Nick Hornby when he followed Cambridge United around for a while.

Dejected Bury Town fans

[Photo from Ingy The Wingy’s Photostream: A group of dejected fans in the Bridge Group West stand at Gigg Lane, home of Bury FC after the Bury vs. Rochdale fixture. Saturday 26th April 2008]

The first song is from Alternate Learning (or ALRN as they were also known) and it was released in 1981. You can read a bit more about them on the fantastic Little Hits blog.

Alternative Learning » ALRN – Another Wasted Afternoon

– The next one comes from the original mouth of the Scouse.
This was released in 1984 and is a single that should have got more attention.

The Mighty Wah - Weekends » The Mighty Wah! – Weekends (How Come We Always End Up Here ?)

I also found this on the excellent Little Hits website. Bookmark it.

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