Will They Play Up Then ?

James and CampbellThis could become a marquee game for a couple of veterans in the Pompey team.

Some footie pundits are saying that this is the best season old Calamity James has ever had. Plus it could be a swansong for Sol Campbell who is eyeing one last big payday with a possible move to Villareal afterwards.

Both of them will want to be noticed and as well for the team who, like Cardiff will see this as the best opportunity to win the cup, because who knows if they will get back there.

I’m hoping, as well as the Beeb I’m sure, that this will be a good old fashioned end-to-end stuff FA Cup Final.

But I also hope that after their pisspoor performance in the last couple of game of the season, somebody will give the Pompey players a shot of Expresso before they run out onto the Wembley pitch.

As for some cup final music from them, sadly no trip into the studio.

But this didn’t stop a local radio station running an online competition to find the best track to be a sort of unofficial FA Cup Final song for Pompey:

Pompey fans107.4 The Quay’s Rich and Hayley have the “Top Of The Pompey Pops” where you can listen to a number of tracks and click to add your comment/vote on your favourite song. There’s 8 to choose from in total, with some professional artists lined up alongside some fan produced productions.

From there I’ve chosen the most recognisable recordings that everyone would know, plus they are in my opinion the best of the bunch.

The first one I had almost forgotten about until hearing it again. It’s from the bloke who set Richard Branson off on his Virgin Records adventure… (and we’ll draw a veil over the Blue Peter/with Simon Groom thing.).

» Mike Oldfield – Portsmouth

– plus a thumping remix:

» Portsmouth (Remix)

..and the best of the lot in my opinion. Done by the late lamented great wordsmith. This track from his final album isn’t about old Hurryup.. as far as I know anyway. The song is in because it includes Wembley chant:

» Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Mash It Up Harry

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