Now before any of you American visitors start throwing shoes at me, I looked it up and it may be a slight against somebody in the USA, but it’s really nothing this side of the pond :

…”Pogue is also a derogatory term for an Irish person. In the Irish language, pogue (spelt póg) means “kiss”. Perhaps the most well-known phrase in Irish is “póg mo thóin”, which means “kiss my arse.” The term pogue is not usually considered very offensive.

The title is obviously like the others done this week, is in relation to the featured artist.

And the song is about the Republic of Ireland team:

Republic of Ireland 1990 squad

Close your legs Ronnie, we can see everything.

As mentioned in the Wreckless Eric post there were 29 songs released in time for England’s appearance in the 2006 World Cup – But years before this when the Republic of Ireland qualified for the 1990 World Cup (in Italy) there were about that many, if not more.

Four years before Jackie Charlton had guided the Republic to their first major championship finals at Euro ’88 and there were a few songs done then, but then they qualified for the WORLD CUP and that got everybody singing…

– The most well known artists of all these are two bands who I’m sure need no introduction whatsoever.

Pogues and Dubliners » The Dubliners and The Pogues – Jack’s Heroes

They wear green
And they are beautiful
And their hearts are filled with love
They’re as pure as any lily
And as gentle as the dove
They’ll sing and cheer in harmony
Till their throats are cracked & sore
But there is no doubt
You’ll hear them shout
When Jackie’s heroes score
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-loo
And we’ll follow Jack’s heroes
Whatever they do
They’ll come from Dublin
And from Cork, from dear old Donegal,
From London, Boston, & New York,
From anywhere at all,
From Parramatta to Fermoy,
Strabane to Skibereen
(And will) the shout go up
When the World Cup
Is raised on Stephens Green
(Yes it will)
And when we’re there in Italy
On Sardinia’s sunny shore
We’ll be the boys you’ll want to see
The boys you’ll all adore
We’ll play like perfect gentlemen
To win, to lose, to draw
For we’re here to take the World Cup
To Paddy’s shamrock shore

» There’s a video too

You noticed the thumbnail above is from when they performing another song on Top Of The Pops.
Ah g’wan then:

» The Pogues and The Dubliners – The Irish Rover

– –

…and going for the hattrick with a solo effort by The Pogues with this one which was featured on another film about football, but had lots of music as well:

The Pogues - Fiesta » The Pogues – Fiesta

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