We are jumping on the Premier League (2011-2012) season preview bandwagon in our own special way…

The Toppermost

Well ok… bit of a lie, we are not really. But this podcast does cover all the teams that are in the Premier League (the toppermost !) this coming season (2011-2012). All the tracks featured are – as far as possible – old tunes. There are a few exceptions which I’ll explain below, but for the most these are songs sung by the teams themselves. Brace yourself.

The songs are in (club) alphabetical order and a few notes about them:

  • The first track (after the theme) starts with an unknown Arsenal player commenting about the Gunners being branded as boring. Can you name this player ?
  • Despite their being a large number of Lancashire teams playing in the Premier League there is a severe shortage of music associated with them. And when I say severe I actually mean zero. With the Wigan track I used something previously posted which was more about Wigan Casino rather than the club.
    The link was with the song they produced which included a recording of a crowd at a Wigan match.
  • As mentioned most of these were randomly selected and there are a few FA Cup tracks added which in our opinion, are far worse than the club songs. Once again – you have been warned.


    1. [Match Of The Day opening titles]
    2. Arsenal (1971) Team – Good Old Arsenal
    3. (Aston Villa) Dave Ismay and the Holte End – We’re The Holte End
    4. (Blackburn) Unknown artist – Wild Rover
    5. (Bolton) Johnny Boy feat Dave Higson – Super White Dreams
    6. Chelsea 1994 FA Cup Squad – No One Can Stop Us Now
    7. Everton 1984 FA Cup Squad – The Boys In Blue
    8. (Fulham) Haynes Boys – One F In Fulham
    9. Liverpool 1976-77 Squad – We Can Do It
    10. (Man City) Harmony Blend – Blue City (Paloma Blanca)
    11. (Man Utd) The Dollies -Rah Rah Rah For Manchester United
    12. Newcastle United and Bobby Webber – United Newcastle United
    13. (Norwich) Gary Kennon – The Canary Rock’n’Roll
    14. (QPR) Mark Lazarus With Queens Park Rangers FC and Supporters – QPR The Greatest
    15. (Stoke) The Potters – We’ll Be With You
    16. Sunderland F.A. Cup Final Squad 1992 – Aint No Stopping Us Now
    17. (Swansea) Unknown artist – Swansea City FC
    18. (Spurs) The Totnamites – Tip Top Tottenham Hotspur
    19. (West Brom) Ray King – Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
    20. Wigan’s Chosen Few – Footsee
    21. Wolves 1967 Team – Hungry Wolves
    22. [Frank Sidebottom – Guess Who’s Been On Match Of The Day (Short)]

    » D/load
    [pod is 55 mins/File size is 50.3MB]

    Extra Time:

    A repost of one of my favourites – a calypso originally done in the 1950’s which names all the teams playing back then:

    Edmundo Ros
    » Edmundo Ros – Exotic Football Calypso of 1953

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