In Bed With Maradona

» This is a podcast I created exclusively for the chaps over at In Bed With Maradona, but sadly it isn’t there any more. So I’m rehousing it back here…

When creating this pod I discovered there were far more songs about Armando than I anticipated. I have over 30 tracks in my collection now so deciding which to go into a podcast was a difficult one.

Most of the tracks, about 80% are decent. The crap ones you may not be surprised to read, are from English bands who went with the obvious subject with their songs. Here at F&M I have a have a no hate songs policy, so they are not included. (If you are wondering who: Bad Manners and The Business)

The pod follows the usual F&M style with songs and audio snippets inserted between tracks.

Some of these audio excerpts are from commentators describing his goals, but there’s also a couple of bits from documentaries done about El Diego – one of them was from when Gary Lineker met Maradona. The other from Maradona by Kusturica documentary.

Now as mentioned over 30 songs in my collection so which to select… In the end I couldn’t find a way to slim it down to the usual around 30 minute episodes, so I created a pod of two halves:

Tracklistings: FootieAndMusic – In Bed With Maradona – 1st Half:

  • 1. Ennio Morricone Orchestra – World Cup Argentina (1978)
  • 2. Mano Negra (Manu Chau) – Santa Maradona
  • 3. Luca Sepe & Antonio Manganiello – Maradona NO
  • 4. Jovine – O Reggae e Maradona
  • 5. Corazon (Napoli fans)
  • 7. The 1986 ITV World Cup Theme Tune
  • 8. Maradona & the Argentina team – Vamos Argentina.
  • 9. Commentary from the 1st goal v England (English commentary)
  • 10. Maradona talking to Lineker about the “Hand of God” goal.
  • 11. Cat Malojian – Hand Of God
  • 12. Manu Chao – La Vida Tombola
  • 13. Maradona’s 2nd goal v England (Spanish/Argentinian comm ?)
  • 14. Barry Davies – Maradona’s 2nd goal
  • 15. Fucking House Group – Diego Armando Maradona

1st half:

Tracklistings: FootieAndMusic – In Bed With Maradona – 2nd Half:

  • 1. Argentina World Cup Champions (1986)
  • 2. (Artist Unknown) Maradona – Napoli Hero
  • 3. Andres Calamaro – Maradona
  • 4. Mr Jak – Maradona 80s Choon
  • 5. From the Gary Lineker meets Maradona documentary.
  • 6. Paolo Petti – DAM 1990
  • 7. Club Gong – Maradona
  • 8. Maradona by Kusturica documentary.
  • 9. DJ Aco Rolando Martinez – Que La Chupen [Maradona] (Latin Remix)
  • 10. Maradona’s goal v Greece – World Cup USA 1994
  • 11. Pinkberry – Maradona
  • 12. Becks Pistol – Maradona
  • 13. Napoli fans – Ole, Ole
  • 14. The Dirty 9’s – Ballad of El Diego

2nd Half:

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