After a bit of a delay… another podcast and this one celebrating the Republic of Ireland.

Packie Bonner making a saving during a penalty shoot out at the 1990 World Cup

The focus of this pod is when Jackie Charlton was the boss so we are looking at Euro ’88, Italia ’90 and USA ’94. The golden era for Irish international football.

Because of the limit I set for the pods (keep the length under an hour) it was very hard to select which tunes to include. I once again called upon our football and musical consultant Fredorrarci from the occasionally visited Sport Is A TV Show because it was he who first found all the Ireland-related European/World Cup songs.

I read his reply to my email, took in his thoughts and then pretty much ignored most of it. Apologies to you Fredo, but because of the number of songs and time constraints I had to be tough with the selections.

So here now is the latest FootieAndMusic Podcast – Dreaming of Ireland:


  1. [Audio] Jackie Charlton interview before the 1988 European Cup
  2. [Audio] Ray Houghton goal v England at Euro ’88 (Danish or Swedish commentary ?)
  3. The Pogues – Fiesta
  4. [Audio] Ronnie Whelan’s goal v Soviet Union at Euro ’88
  5. Christie Moore – Joxer Goes To Stuttgart (live)
  6. Dublin City Ramblers – The Boys In Green
  7. Dermot Morgan – What A Beautiful Team
  8. Republic Of Ireland Football Squad – Put’em Under Pressure
  9. [Audio] Kevin Sheedy’s goal v England – World Cup 1990
  10. Watch Your House – Ooh Aah Paul McGrath
  11. The Memories – The Game
  12. [Audio] From the film The Van – the penalty shoot out v Romania at Italia ’90
  13. The Dubliners & The Pogues – Jack’s Heroes
  14. Charlie O’Neill and the Goal Celebrities – Drive it Jack
  15. Against The Grain – On The Ball
  16. [Audio] Ray Houghton’s goal v Italy at the 1994 World Cup
  17. One Hit Wonder – Ole 94
  18. Dr Morgan – That Old Jack Magic
  19. [Audio] Jack Charlton and John Aldridge go mental at the officials in the match v Mexico
  20. Born Na Gaeilge – Seo Linn Go Mherica
  21. Paddy Reilly, Ray Treacy And Shamrock Rovers Squad – Thank You Jack

» D/load
[pod is 57 minutes long/file size is 52mb]


I really wanted to include all of Fredorrarci’s suggestions but as mentioned… I have though previously posted the World Cup songs by Dermot Morgan here and here.

Additional to the additional:

The band The Dublin City Ramblers, like Dermot Morgan sang a few songs about football.
One of them was included in the podcast and there’s two more here:

Dublin City Ramblers

» Dublin City Ramblers – Que Sera Sera

» Dublin City Ramblers – You’ll Never Beat The Irish

It is with thanks to @Dunnie77 for the suggestion of the Ireland theme.

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