Pelé Sings

This is the 2nd part looking a Pele singing. The first part is here.

» Firstly a couple of curios from him. They are only snippets but still worth a listen.

– This is a very rough recording from what could be from one of his documentaries. It is Edson singing along with some kids: “I like to be the best”

» Pele with the Young Giants – I Like To Be The Best

– Since the season seems to be upon us (earlier and earlier every year), here is what sounds like a home recording of Pelé playing his acoustic guitar and in the midst of composing a Chrimbo tune:

» Pele – My Christmas Song (Cancao De Natal)

If anyone has any further knowledge about the above tracks I would appreciate it.

The man went one better than Keegan and many of those other singing footballers by releasing an album. Sadly because of geographical restrictions I am unable to purchase & download that 2006 release. You can if you want.

– He hasn’t stopped there though. The ex-Sporting Minister is doing his part in promoting the city of Sao Paolo (where played for Santos) by recording and releasing this video :

Found via Inside Sao Paulo:

“The former ex football player Pele has composed lyrics and music honoring the city of São Paulo. The King’s Cup recorded a video and besides compose the song, Pele gave all his image rights to the footage. Currently, Pele is one of the Brazilians most well-known in the world. And according to him, Sao Paulo is the city where he lived most of his great moments.”

“Olha lá São Paulo”, (Portuguese) produced by Zero Movies and Banda Sonora. Arrangement and Music Production: Maestro Ruriá Duprat. Director: Sergio Amon.

“The video will be part of the campaign “Visit Sao Paulo. Sung by many, built for everyone”, to be released on November 20.”

Lastly to finish off this mini-series a return to the musical king of this genre: Jorge Ben and his song about Pele, which I didn’t have at the time of posting. Taken from a compilation album: Football & Samba Groove Association featuring songs that were inspired by futebol.

Jorge Ben - Football and Samba Groove Association » Jorge Ben – O Nome Do Rei É Pelé

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