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John Peel

Usually around this time (October 10th-13th) there’s the annual John Peel Day.
But for some reason Radio 1 are not doing anything this year.
They dare to dismiss a man who gave credibility to a station that also had Ed “Stewpot” Stewart, Alan “Fluff” Freeman and the “Hairy Cornflake” ?”

But there are still many events taking place around the world to commemorate Peel Day.

I’m celebrating JP Day here with a footie and music contribution from the man himself.

John Peel's wedding day - he got married in Liverpool's colours– This is the broadcast from the night of the 30th of May 1984. It was the night many Liverpool fans will recognise instantly with just seeing that date.

It was the The European Cup final in Rome, against AS Roma. The match was still drawn after extra time so there was a penalty shoot-out and Alan Kennedy had to go up to take the final pen which…

Non Lidipool supporters will remember that night better because of this.

Listening to the commentary (Emlyn Hughes was the pundit for the match that night, can hardly look when Kennedy steps up) in the studio with Peelie was his friend David “Kid” Jensen. After the match is over John celebrates and starts the show with a familiar Liverpool tune.

Because of the size of the file (20mb/44 mins long) I've uploaded it to a shared hosting:


One Reply to “Peelie Celebrates”

  1. gary says:

    Sadly it does indeed appear that the beeb has finally withdrawn support for John Peel Day. I’m always surprised the Peel page at Radio 1 still exists?

    Not to worry, next year will have to get serious and ramp up the promotional work. We owe it our John after all.

    Many thanks for the link. I shall see it’s justly rewarded (“;)


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