Would you have a disagreement with this man:

You lookin at me ?

Apart from Jones. V or Barton. J maybe, but usually people avoid crossing words with Stuart Pearce.

A few days back there was a series of heated telephone discussions between him and Arsène Wenger over the useage of Walcott for the upcoming UEFA Under 21 Championships after his run outs for the senior team. But as that first linked article mentioned Psycho won the argument and the new boy wonder will be in Sweden from June 15th.

» I’ll post more about the Under 21’s when – and if – I find any related footie and music from it, but for now some music about the ex-Notts Forest skipper and this one done by “The Merry Men” which they entitled after his (I would imagine unwanted) nickname:

You lookin' at me fringe ? » The Merry Men – Psycho

Additional to that – a song as mentioned in a previous post that Pearce used to play at Forest just before he went on the pitch:

» The Clash – White Riot

Yes yes I know that's from when he played for Coventry, but the fringe. The fringe...

Additional to the additional:
As also mentioned by Fredorraci, (the author of Sport Is A TV Show) in the comments in that previous post – here is a piece he wrote in August last year about the influence of football on the making of London Calling.

EXTRA TIME: More Stuart Pearce-ing…
(ok I’m going to slap myself for that one)

Via Flickr: The man himself astride a Raleigh Dirt Cross bike in an advert for the Nottingham built conveyance.

Via YouTube: Pearce takes on a Dirt Cross bike riding kid in a television ad for the aforementioned bicycle.

4 Replies to “Pea Ess Why See Aich Oh”

  1. Ah I see you went with the Ottowan thing in the title but you didn’t follow it up.

    Not wanting a confrontation with Pearce yourself ?

  2. Sweet Jebus, there was so much in that post to love.

    I saw Pearce being interviewd years back and he told a great story about the England-France game when Basile Boli elbowed him in the face at a corner. Pearce knew it was him, but instead of going after Boli and getting out of position he said to the opposing right winger, pointing to his head- “you done that”. Cue a succession of crunching tackles. By the end of it, his team-mates wouldn’t pass to him.

    “And that”, said Stuart “Is psychology on a football pitch”

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