England v Germany Friendly

…from 1975. To cushion any potential embarrassment possibly created when Ste McL and his 3rd choice picks play in their match tonight against dem Germans – here’s a previous Eng v Ger friendly from 1975 with Bell, Keegan, Hudson, Macdonald, Ball, Shannon and co: Commentator for the World Of Sport broadcast was the much missed Brian Moore, and the summariser at the end was the late great Sir Alf Ramsey. “Ah football eh ? At the old Wembley. Under the floodlights and in the mud. Marvelous.”

Tribble At Mill

The FootieAndMusic Podcast

Tribble for… Lord Ferg of the swamp. Who, just before the season started, decided to sell Rossi and Alan Smith, get another striker in who like the injured Rooney likes to play outside the box and seemingly he’s fallen out with Saha. You have to ask after all this and the missed opportunities to test Kasper on Sunday where he expects the goals to come from. Poor old little Sammy. As a player he was a legend for the Lidipool, you could never knock the rotund one off the ball. After he hung up his boots he was also solid…

Football Calypso

This is it. This is the reason why I started the website up to go with the predicts. Well actually it’s not the reason but it’s a reason. (How this got started was that I was looking for any YouTube clips of any footie teams singing their FA Cup final songs. That idea then spun off into doing a site about Footie and Music.) Anyhoddles… One of the Prediction League players, MickMills played a blinder yesterday and found a couple of clips which I’ve saved for future use. And they are good ones. Stay tuned to this station for publication…

[Video] Diamond Lights

As somebody commented on the YouTube page: …”possibly the greatest moment in the history of top of the pops.” Chris ‘That’s no remedy for success.’ Waddle and Glenn ‘His tackle was definitely pre-ordained.’ Hoddle – aka Chris and Glenn miming to their (thankfully) one and only hit: Diamond Lights:

Hello world!

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