Top Of The Pops – The FA Cup Edition

A slight misnomer with the title because there are only a couple of clips in relation to TOTP, the others come from various other TV shows. Yes I am clickbaiting you now.

(I’m) Chinaglia Crazy

UPDATE: A biography of the late Lazio and New York Cosmos star...


You will not recognise the well chiselled face of this young man, but you will know his voice....

The Pat Nevin Playlist

Not every footballer back in the 80's had Phil Collins down as his favourite music. There was one that you might have spotted standing next to you at a Cocteau Twins concert. Not only that he hung out with John Peel too...

Explore MCR

A few months back P.E. Minonzio went to Manchester and made a documentary for L'Equipe Explore about the music and football in the city...

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Bananas !
In the late 80’s the Thatcher government tried to introduce I.D cards for supporters. Thankfully it failed…

Record Mirror – The Football Edition

Record Mirror - The Football Edition

A glimpse at football and music past via the Record Mirror with Pat Nevin reviewing the singles…