Everybody remembers that night of the 25th of January 1995.

HI - YA !
It was where their chase for the title took a kick to the head when they drew at Crystal Palace.

With this result and the loss of their talismanic (or just manic as it was) captain for the rest of the season, their grip of the trophy slipped and the Championship went to Blackburn Rovers that year.

Remember that so-called fan (who will not be named, it’s better if he lives in ignominy), remember what he claimed, after he got out of his seat and ran down to the hoardings, to have shouted ?

He claimed that he said:

“Off, off, off, it’s an early bath for you, Cantona…”

Which has got to be the most polite berating ever heard. At a rugger game maybe, but never at a football match. What he actually said was: “‘You dirty French bastard. Fcuk off back to France.”

That moment of madness for Eric the red was captured not only by camera, but audibly too. It’s memory lives on because of the commentator Jonathan Pearce, who I think was still on Capital Gold Sport at that time, in his description of the event that unfolded in front of him.

PhilB, who has been featured on F&M previously with his England (& KLF) Mini Mix, took this Jono Pearce moment and added some music:

J Pearce

» PhilB – Cantona Oh My Goodness Me

As mentioned above PhilB did a KLF Mini-Mix and there’s a link here with Cantona and another track which was originally thought to be something from the KLF but in the end wasn’t. Or was it ?
Via Wikipedia:

” KLF were themselves apparently the victims of a “hoax” when an outfit called “1300 Drums featuring the Unjustified Ancients of M.U.” released a novelty single to cash-in on the popularity of Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona. 1300 Drums even made a KLF-style Top of the Pops appearance, with the “band” wearing Cantona masks. The authorship of “Ooh Aah” remains unresolved: at least one source maintains that Drummond and Cauty were 1300 Drums.”

1300 Drums

» 1300 Drums & Unjustified Ancients of M.U – Ooh Aah Cantona

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