One Of These Things Is STILL Not

Captions please…?

Captions please ?

I can see three points but they can't.
Will they ever reach the summit again ?

When things are going bad for you they go really bad.

Two sent off. The ‘keeper knocked out the defender (thankfully he’s ok) and yet another loss.

– And can somebody tell me what was up with Gomes just before the half time whistle ? I had the sound down and glanced over to see him pulling the weirdest face.
At first he had a mouth wide open and I thought he was laughing his head off over something, but then Woody came over to hold him.

Anyhoddles… another taunt – and this time it is the Cookie Monster getting in on the act:

Cookie Ref Monster » Sesame Street – One Of These Things

Got a mate who is a Spurs fan ? Does he have a mobile ? One of those new fancy ones that plays mp3’s when it rings…?

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