Putting the trip around Germany on pause for now because there are some World Cup Qualifiers and International Friendlies involving some of the home nations this week. I want to get these next few out there before the matches kick off on Wednesday which I’ll probably fail to do, but I’ll give it a go.
Starting with…

As it is well known the Welsh like to sing, every Welshman seems to born with a powerful set of lungs. When it comes to song about the national team though they are rarer than hen’s teeth.
Why is this ? It might be because there hasn’t been much to sing about but still… Wales has a fine heritage of musicians so why haven’t more of them done any stuff about their home nation ?

I’ve just found one which so far is the only one I’ve discovered but there has to be more. Come on you Wales fans, all three of you, there must be others out there. Post a comment or contact me if you know – or can send me any.

So with this (at the moment) token effort for Cymru I want to tip my hat to the 1958 Wales team which qualified for the ’58 World Cup Tournament (held in Sweden). This team included the Welsh gentle giant – still a giant in football and a legend of the game – John Charles.

Wales not only qualified but got through to the Quarter Finals where they were knocked out by a single goal scored by one Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

Edson, known better to some as Pele, with the Brazil team went on to win the World Cup.

(Postscript to the Wales v Brazil match – sadly John Charles was injured for this game.)

The song I know nothing about. It’s done by the Wales football squad but I don’t know which one.
– If you do then comments below…

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